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kara-lynn garland  |  registered holistic nutritionist

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Nomshell's mission is to fill the gaps in today's diet culture. There is a need for plant forward thinking in the North American diet. We must not only nourish ourselves healthfully, we must also nourish ourselves mindfully, in a way that cares for our bodies and respects the Earth.  This is not simply about creating food and meal plans that taste good, but will also fulfill nutritional requirements for optimal health, vitality and beauty. 

The Nomshell lifestyle is not a fad, while it is plant focused, one does not have to be strictly vegan to enjoy it's benefits. Who doesn't love tasty food and feeling good?


  • To create conversations around a whole foods, plant based lifestyle for health, beauty and wellness. 
  • To educate the public on the benefits as well as the challenges of a plant based diet, with a no-nonsense approach based in nutritional science. 
  • To empower individuals to create positive changes that can reduce their environmental impact.

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