Why a Plant Based Diet Worked For Me

I believe it is important to note, that while no diet can cure an autoimmune condition, one can live symptom free the majority of the time. A plant based diet didn't work for me simply because It excluded animal products. It worked for me because I started eating highly alkalizing, whole, organic and plant based foods. While it is becoming easier and easier to be vegan in today's society, it remains challenging to be a whole foods vegan. 

The idea of transitioning to a plant based diet should challenge you to eat more fruits and vegetables. With an ever increasing number of vegan and gluten free foods popping up on grocery store shelves, it can be enticing to reach for the convenient option. However, beware of nutrition "buzzwords". The words "vegan" and "gluten free" are not synonymous with health. All packaged and processed foods can contain harmful ingredients. (I will address some of these ingredients in future posts.)

Be a savvy consumer, and don't fall victim to the hype. Selling "health foods" has become a billion dollar a year industry. Remember that the healthiest foods are the ones that have gone through the least amount of processing to make it to your table. These foods, the ones free of additives, dyes and preservatives are the one's that will support your body's natural healing processes.