Nomshell's 1st Birthday and what I've learned this year...

All photos courtesy of  Miaou Photography

All photos courtesy of Miaou Photography

OH My G! Nomshell's 1st birthday is here! I can't even believe it! Cue the music, put your party hats on and I'll do a little dance!

This little blog all started with an idea... What if there was a space to share vegan recipes, nutritional information, as well as lifestyle and beauty tips that would all help save our planet!? Having no previous experience in the world of blogging, much of this year was a trial and error sort of a deal. Through it all I gained some valuable insight into entrepreneurship, relationships and life in general that I'd like to share with you...

What I've learned this year

This year has been full of changes. Ups and downs. But isn't every year that way? I feel that the most important goal in life is to continue to learn and grow. I did a lot of that this year. 

I've learned it's ok to let go. In the process of implementing more of a minimalist philosophy in my life, I have learned that some things just aren't worth the stress. When running your own business while still having a day job and other side projects, it's important to know when to let things go. There are all kinds of people out there who will try to tell you how to run your blog or business. While they may have great advice and the best of intentions, it's really important for you to decide what's right for you. All those details we stress over, often don't make much difference in the long term. It's ok to let them go. 

When we moved to our new apartment, we knew storage was going to be a big issue. We both knew it was time to let go of some our physical "things". Sometimes these objects have sentimental value... but I've learned, if it doesn't add any joy to my life... it's ok to let it go. 

It's okay to let go of people and relationships too. Everyone comes into our lives for a  reason, to teach us something or to help us view a part of ourselves... but that doesn't mean they need to stay around for a lifetime. It's important to recognize when a relationship, or friendship is unhealthy, and know when to let it go. I'd rather have just a few close friends than be in bad company.  

I've learned that taking a step back is not failure. There have been many times this year that I have not been able to keep up with the strict deadlines I gave myself at the beginning of this blogging adventure. That's okay! Taking time to step back, evaluate and take time for self care is important. Often I find the demands of social media to be unsustainable. Not posting everyday is NOT a failure. I like to create content that is meaningful and informative, and that takes time. Sometimes it's more important to take your time, and enjoy your life rather than post to facebook or instagram, allow that time for yourself. 

I've learned that the flexible won't break. When running a business, it's important to be flexible. Sometimes things just can't happen the way we want them to and that's okay! Take a deep breath, and work around it, re-evaluate or change your plan of action. Don't let inflexibility be your downfall. 

It's okay to ask for help! Asking for help and advice is NOT shameful. We can't all know everything and in general, most people WANT to help! When starting your own business, there's a lot to think about. We all make mistakes. Having a few peers as a little support group is the BEST thing! I am so fortunate to have some former classmates and close friends as a little support network. 

Finally, there is no straight line to success. A plus B doesn't always equal C. It's important to know that just like there is no straight path to nutritional healing, there is no straight line to success. It takes much trial and error to figure out what works best for you. Get out there, try some new things and see what works. 


I would also like to thank some very special people for helping make this first year of business so memorable!

To Eric, you have been my biggest supporter and cheerleader, all through this year! I am so thankful to have you in my life. For all the little things, and the BIG things you do... THANK YOU! 

To my family, thank you for always being there, through thick and thin, I am grateful to have you. 

Thank you to Dr Ellen Simone for helping me grow my clinical practice, you have made the transition from student to practitioner an easy one with all your support and encouragement. 

To Becka yates, you are my biggest super-fan and you make this blog possible with all of your beautiful photos, I couldn't have gotten through this year without you. 

To my RHN friends (you know who your are), thank you for always lending your ears, offering advice and making me laugh when I need it most. What a wonderful thing it is to help one another. 

To Anna Jonas and  Ottawa Life Magazine, thank you for featuring me in your Vegans of Ottawa article series, I am so lucky to be a part of such a beautiful vegan community here in Ottawa. 

Finally to all of you, yes YOU! To each of you who read my articles, share recipes on facebook, instagram or pinterest, and come out to the clinic for workshops and one on one nutritional coaching... You are the ones that make this humble nutrition blog what it is. I can't thank you enough for all your continued support! 

There are a lot of exciting things on deck for Nomshell in 2018... thanks for joining me for the ride! 

xo KL